There’s so many things to be excited about as we are midway through the summer of 2021. Because of the pandemic, guidelines and restrictions, so many things were canceled or postponed over the last 16 to 17 months. But there are some cool things to look forward to that are making a return!

If you love bingo, or have been itching to get out of the house on Monday nights and relax a little bit, maybe with some cash, and help a great local organization, you are in luck! it’s the return of bingo night on Mondays at the Knights of Columbus Hamburg Council coming up this Monday! According to a press release received by WYRK, this will be exciting for the entire community!

Great News ... Monday Night Bingo resumes on July 26th at 7:30pm.


Full disclosure, I am a member of the Knights of Columbus Hamburg Council. There are so many things that Knights of Columbus do behind the scenes and for the community on a regular basis. This is a great fundraiser for the organization and will help to further the amount of support the Knights of Columbus gives to the Hamburg and Western New York area.
Here’s to hoping the rest of the summer goes well and that the upcoming football season is as exciting as we all hope it will be. Win or lose, Mondays will be something to look forward to as of this coming week.

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