It's such a sad day when a local restaurant here in Western New York says goodbye one final time. Buffalonians always hold a special place in their hearts for locally-owned restaurants, bars, pubs and diners that serve the community and today, those in Lancaster said 'goodbye' to a popular diner.

On Thursday, August 12th at 5 pm, Aunt Robin's Diner in Lancaster held a "pay it forward" event for its loyal customers. They are closing for good and wanted to do something for people before saying goodbye.

They are giving out free spaghetti dinners and according to WKBW, over 350 people have already reserved a spot for the drive-thru style event that takes place this evening in Lancaster.

There's no catch for those who have reserved a spot; you drive up and get a free spaghetti dinner. It's that simple. It's a true kind of sincerity that is why Aunt Robin's Diner is so beloved.

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The reason they're closing is due to the uncertainty of another potential lockdown and according to its owners, it would not be realistic to keep going if they're more restrictions put in place.

This really is like an old-school kind of "closing for good" event. I remember tales from my parents about old restaurants in the 70s and 80s that would do one final send off kind of thing before closing its doors.

Aunt Robin's Diner is located on Walden Ave. in Lancaster and will surely be missed by the community.

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