If you thought winter in New York State was over, Mother Nature has another idea. The winter has returned across New York State and this time, it is ice and plenty of it.

As I write this I can here tree limbs snap and power lines buzz as they are weighed down by the thick layer of ice as it is STILL raining and freezing as quickly as the water hits something.

But what about the power? Where are the outages? There are thousands without power as of early Thursday and the button below it the link to the outage maps in New York State.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

The ice storm is not over yet. It seems as though we will be dealing with this for most of the day.

It will take you more time than usual to get to where you need to go today. The walking is EXTREMELY dangerous and driving is no picnic either. If you can, stay home and look at the pretty scene from inside.

The ice covered trees and landscape are beautiful but not fun to be under or near as the branches are popping off from the ice as well.

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