Have you ever been sitting in your bed with that overwhelming feeling like you forgot something?

And then, you remember….

You never got a Powerball ticket!!

You could try to rush off to the nearest gas station, but odds are, you will not make it there in time. 

But you may not have to worry about that anymore because the next time you purchase a Powerball ticket, you may not have to leave your house at all. 

While Powerball is played in 45 states, there are some places that allow you to purchase your ticket online. 

States that allow you to purchase a lottery ticket on Lotto.com include Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and Texas. 

Oklahoma and Indiana allow you to build your ticket on the app, but you have to go to a retailer to print it out. 

There are other state lotteries that sell tickets on their own websites, such as Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and more. 

With the last Powerball drawing resulting in no winners, the jackpot is up to $1.9 billion, making it the biggest Powerball jackpot of all time. 

Everyone wants to try their luck, especially when the stakes are so high. One thing to remember is: approximately 70% of Powerball winners have been Quick Pick draws. Though really, you likely have equal chances when it comes to hand picking numbers and Quick Picks. 

If you prefer to purchase your lottery ticket in-store, there are a few places that are more lucky than others in Western New Yorkers. 

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