The political climate certainly is heating up as we get closer to the Presidential election. Just last week, the GOP held their first debate that did not feature Donald Trump and yet, Trump has ruled the conversation.

There are basically two major discussions among the people these days; Trump and asylum seekers. The later issue has become a hot topic across towns and villages here in New York State as well as New York City based on the way things have gone and how they have been handled.

Now we are hearing that President Biden is also showing that the and the administration are less than happy with the way things have gone here in The Empire State.

According to the reports, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas wrote letters to Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul and pointed out structural and operational issues following an assessment of the program. The letter states that the operational issues include data collection, planning, case management and communications.

Here in New York State, things are changing for drivers as well.

New York State is no longer joking around with repeat offenders when it comes to speeding. In fact, there is a device that they are proposing to be used and installed in your car if you are someone who gets pulled over for speeding on a regular basis.

According to reports, State Senator Andrew Gounardes and Assemblywoman Emily Gallagher want a speed limiting device to be installed in offenders' vehicles.

Under a bill proposed by state Sen. Andrew Gounardes and Assembly Member Emily Gallagher, drivers who receive six speeding tickets and red-light camera violations, or four speed camera or red-light violations, in a year would have to install the device, ensuring they could not exceed the speed limit by more than five miles per hour.

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