There are about to be two new residents at The White House and, as of Tuesday morning, their Twitter account was suspended.

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According to reports, President Elect, Joe Biden, will be bringing his fur babies with the family to the White House in Washington.

The account was created for the Bidens' dogs Champ and Major, who are both German Shepherds. The handle @First_Dogs_USA is their official account name, but their profile also notes that they can also be called "DOTUS."

I wonder if Joe Biden will ever have to walk the dogs in the middle of the night? We have two dogs at home. A black lab and a little dachshund. They are best buddies and part of our family. However, the worst part is having to walk them in the cold and the mud and rain. I can't see Joe Biden having to do that for his dogs. Perhaps there will be a staff member assigned to DOTUS?

Dogs truly are man's best friend. It doesn't matter what the day was like or how bad it was, when you get home, your dogs are so excited to see you. They truly have unconditional love. Plus, they add some sense of security to the house. Our black lab, Pepper, has a loud bark that would certainly alert us to any potential threat to the house.

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