It was another outstanding and breathtaking edition of the Thunder of Niagara Air Show over the weekend.  I'm always looking for different places to see it from other than on the grounds of the air base.  I've always felt there just has to be a better place to see the show from and it took a little work to get there.

I won't tell you exactly where it was but you might be able to figure it out from the video.  And for one of the locations I had to walk thru overgrown fields, marshes, jump over a stream and climb a hill of rocks to get there.  Not sure why I do these things, but I'm nuts about air shows.

The vintage aircraft were outstanding.  The P-51 and especially the Corsair have such a distinctive sound to them.  If you've gone to enough air shows with those two planes you really don't even have to see them to know what they are.  Just the sound will tell you.

One of the more unique aircraft is the Osprey that can take off like a helicopter and then its engines tilt to fly like an airplane.  The size and power of the KC-135 tanker is awesome and the things that the F-22 Raptor can do...basically it can hover over the ground is just incredible.

The highlight of the show were the US Air Force Thunderbirds and the Canadian Forces Snowbirds.  Once they get in the air they're coming at you from all different directions it's sometimes scary.  One Thunderbird came up on us from behind and it seemed it was just above the trees flying upside down.  And boy do those planes whip.

Here's a little of what it looked like from where I was on Sunday.

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