We love Jake Owen and Jake has had a really good relationship with Buffalo over the years.

He loves the Bills, loves coming here, and loves Western New York. On Saturday night there was a guy that was about 10 rows back in the audience and he got Jake Owen's attention and asked Jake if he could propose to his girlfriend.

Of course, Jake said yes. In fact, he gave him the mic and told him to get up on stage.

Now, Jake Owen has a lot of good slow songs too, that may have been....well, just more appropriate to propose to. The guy gets on stage, finds his lover out in the crowd, and she walks up to the front of the stage where her soon-to-be fiance and Jake Owen are standing.

The guy gets on one knee and the place goes insane.

Great. Wonderful.

The thing is...Jake Owen goes 'back' to playing his song '8 Second Ride'.

Well, what a song to propose to. But, here's the thing.

JAKE ALREADY PLAYED THAT SONG LOL He started re-singing it by accident. Did he do it on purpose? After all...it was Valentine's Day LOL

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