Pumpkin spice this, pumpkin flavored that, I get it, it's fall time and while I've been more then accepting of the fall flavor of choice, This is where I draw the line!

WIVB shared the news of the latest pumpkin flavored item available at some locations around the U.S. Buffalo Wild Wings decided to hope on the band wagon, er hay wagon for fall, and introduce pumpkin flavored Buffalo wings. These wings are sauced with a mix of ale with BBQ flavors and pumpkin spice for "a taste of the season" says Buffalo Wild Wings officials.

For those who know me, I LOVE WINGS. Like my top 3 things I love,  family, dog, wings... and I think personally we have more than enough pumpkin flavored stuff, can't we just enjoy wings the way they were meant to be enjoyed, HOT! with blue cheese and a cold beer on the side?

These pumpkin wings are around for a limited time at certain BWW locations, so hurry and try them while they last, and then eat regular wings because, like, come on!

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