There is something very peaceful about a sleeping dog.  My lab pup Pepper can nap any place at anytime.  I try to spoil her with a comfy bed and lots of toys and even her own blankie.  But, she prefers to snuggle up to my coffee table.In many ways puppies and little kids are the same.  I watched my fiends little boys run around and after a while they just flop on the floor and take a nap.  Wouldn't that be awesome to be able to do as an adult.  You know, in the office when someone is boring you with a needless meeting or on the work site when you are tired of the boss screaming at you. Just lay down in front of every other person in the room and fall asleep. For some reason pepper can sleep through anything.  EXCEPT when I rattle her bag of food.  She pops up and heads straight for the kitchen!!  Don't tell her, but I got her a new squeaky toy for Valentines Day (she doesn't like candy or flowers)

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