New York state has a lot of amazing food. It's the local restaurants that make cities like Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and New York City so special. The small towns across the state also have hidden gem restaurants.

However, there are also plenty of national chain restaurants that are scattered all over the state. Despite New York's reputation as one of the most populated states in the country, there are still quite a few national chain restaurants that have not yet arrived.

Waffle House, Jack in the Box, Culver's and Bojangles are some of the chains which have not yet come to New York.

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However, we can check one restaurant off the list.

Raising Cane's has finally opened in New York state, opening a premiere location in Time's Square in New York City last week.

There was a long line for the grand opening and for the first location in the state, there is no bigger splash than Times Square.

Raising Cane's is most prevalent in the southeast U.S. but there are quite a few locations in Ohio. The hope now is that Raising Cane's can bring more locations to the entire State of New York, which just may cause a ripple of other famous fast food places to come to New York for the first time.

Raising Cane's is famous for their chicken fingers, Cane's sauce, crinkle fries, coleslaw and Texas toast. There really isn't anything else on the menu, but if you're in the mood for chicken fingers, then give them a try.

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