Hating ice cream seems unheard of, so we’ll just say this: Buffalo is going to strongly dislike this new flavor. There are some people excited for it though….

Remember: it was only a few weeks ago when Hidden Valley Ranch stopped in Downtown Buffalo at Southern Tier Brewery on Scott St. There were several wings given out, served only with ranch, and people were “diving” for them…through tables, of course. That’s how they turned a massive place, like Southern Tier Brewery, into a sort of dive bar. 

Now, Hidden Valley Ranch is teaming up with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to create ranch-flavored ice cream. 

This sounds horrible, right? But ranch lovers around the world are excited to try this ice cream with chips and other salty foods. 

The announcement debuted on March 10, which is also known as National Ranch Day, which may be why Van Leeuwen decided to choose ranch ice cream as one of their seven new flavors. 

Here’s the official description for the ice cream flavor, according to the press release

  • Hidden Valley® Ranch: Hidden Valley is more than America's favorite ranch dressing, it's a way of life. It goes with just about everything - pizza, carrots, french fries. But it's never tried to go with ice cream. Until now.

This ice cream flavor is only expected to be on the shelves throughout spring, so we’ll see if it makes an extension. You can find the ranch-flavored ice cream at Walmart for $4.98. It will be available March 20 through May 28.

Maybe one of their summer flavors will be blue cheese? One can hope…right?

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