Start checking your mailbox for a property-tax-rebate check from New York! If you haven't moved recently, your check will be to you any day now.

The goal is to have the all out before the end of September. 

The checks are all worth $200 to $800 depending on your taxes. Though, this year is the end of that $350 income-tax deduction for residents with children.

According to WGRZ:

There's more: All homeowners with an adjusted gross household income of $275,000 or less will get a new type of rebate check in the mail this fall, if their school stayed under the state's property-tax cap.

The check -- called the property tax relief credit -- will be a rebate based on a percentage of what you get back each year through STAR, which provides a savings on school taxes.
Those checks will start going out as early as November, and it could take a few months for all 2 million checks to hit mailboxes, state officials said.

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