Buffalo is an ever-growing city, and since the pandemic ended, many people have moved to Western New York. 

It also seems that there has been an increase of big city folk moving out of that environment and into a place like Buffalo, where you can enjoy the accessibility from town to town, a nightlife that is poppin’, a general means of transportation, and you can’t forget about the food. 

Plus, we’re so close to our friends across the border in Canada, we have one of the best football teams, and so many great locally owned bars.

However, there are a few red flags that could make you stick out like a sore thumb, if you are not careful.

Like for example, you never want to say, “I don’t watch football.” That’s basically a cardinal sin in Buffalo. If you don’t watch football, you will learn!

If that made your jaw drop open, I’m going to need you to stay with me. Of course, Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a few original do’s and don’t’s. 

There are just some things you rarely overhear in Buffalo or any surrounding part of Western New York. We WNYers love our football and our Buffalo Bills, and anyone who says otherwise is either 1) a Buffalo transplant who is still learning or 2) a defective Buffalonian, but that’s not the only statement that gives away whether or not someone grew up in Buffalo. 

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