So far, theaters in 48 states have opened with safety and social distance guidelines. The only states it has not is California and New York.

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Here in Western New York, indoor movie theaters have not been open to the public since March, and now the Regal Cinemas in Orchard Park at the Quaker Crossing Plaza has decided to send New York State a message.

According to WKBW, this is what the movie showing sign for Regal outside the Quaker Crossing plaza says.

This past weekend, news came that Cineworld, the parent company for Regal Cinemas, would be temporarily shutting down all Regal Cinemas in the U.S. and U.K. until further notice, due to the push back dates of nearly every major movie release until 2021.

Still, the frustrations from movie theater owners, staff and customers have been well documented over the past six months, and now it's safe to say we don't know when indoor movie theaters will reopen.

It's been an incredibly tough year on the movie theater industry, to say the least.

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