When we really think about it, the best way to reject a guy is to just be honest about your intentions and whether or not you’re interested, right? 

I mean after all…they always say “Honesty is the best policy.” 

Well, one former Buffalo news reporter found a pretty clever way to let a guy know she’s not interested, and it’s pretty funny. 

First, it’s worth noting that the guy was a good sport about it. 

Mel Orlins joined News 4 in 2017, and she quickly became known for coverage of both hard news and community stories. Mel was also part of the WIVB team that won a state Emmy in 2019 in the morning newscast category.

She was a familiar face in Buffalo before taking another job in Charleston, S.C. last year. 

“I learned from Kelsey [Anderson],” Mel said, “you don’t say ‘goodbye,’ you just say, ‘Go Bills.'”

Although she’s been gone for almost a year, Mel Orlins is someone that Buffalo remembers fondly, and many of us still follow her on Twitter. 

Which is why you probably saw her “wrong number situation gone wrong” on social media this week. 

“Sometimes… when I get a text from someone who has the wrong number… I like to have a little fun ,” Orlins said.

After a “Good Morning :)” was mistakenly sent to Mel Orlins, she questioned who was behind the text.

“Haha we met last night in Destin, 6’5 220 athletic, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, was wearing a dark green shirt :),” he wrote back.

Poor Destin guy…while he seemed like a nice guy, Orlins wasn’t interested. 

“Sorry but I think you have the wrong number,” she responded, along with a selfie proving that she wasn’t the person the Destin guy was looking for. 

I guess it was a pretty nice selfie, because the Destin guy suddenly took an interest in Mel rather than the woman he was trying to reach. 

“(Lol is that you on the left?!?)” he asked subtly. 

Mel cleverly came up with a way to reject the inquiry: by sending the guy a picture of some pretty rough-looking feet. 

“This is what my feet look like so you’ll want to stay far away!!!!” Orlins warned, clearly joking. 

The Destin guy was a good sport about it and took the rejection well, saying “thanks for the warning.”

Hopefully “Destin Guy” finds his lady soon! Maybe Mel was a number neighbor?

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