If you feel like everything has been going up over the last several months, you wouldn’t be wrong. I mean, can you name another time when eggs were priced at about $5 per dozen? 

It’s been overwhelming to watch the price tags increase without a change in your paycheck during this huge cost adjustment, and you may have found yourself looking for ways to limit your unnecessary spending. 

In fact, a lot of people have actually been avoiding eating out as much this year as they have in recent years because it has become too costly, but just how much have restaurant prices changed over the years in New York state?

On average, prices in restaurants across the United States are 15.67% higher than they were in 2015. Fortunately, when it comes to New York state, our price hike has been less severe; however it is worth noting that New York prices were already on the high side when compared to neighboring states.

In New York, our prices in restaurants have been adjusted on average by 7.85%, which isn’t as high as the national average but it’s definitely still affecting our wallets. 

The restaurant with the biggest price hike in New York state is one that will shock Western New Yorkers (but also kind of makes sense), and that restaurant is Taco Bell. When we think of a go-to fast food taco place, odds are you think of Mighty Taco, right? And if more people are eating at other places rather than Taco Bell, then I guess it makes sense to bump the price more for places that are seeing less foot traffic.

Remember the dollar menu at fast food restaurants? One day, that might be totally gone too! 

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