Sometimes you just need to hear the raw truth about what happens after work and graduation. Most of the experiences that have taught me life lessons had to do with my high school and college career.

I've done a lot of good and A LOT of dumb stuff since I graduated high school, so for a minute, pretend I dressed with one of those robes on and was your commencement speaker. This is what I would say:

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    Wasted time is worse than wasted money.

    There is nothing worse to waste than your time. Each day, do something to be closer to your goal.

    ...except for beer. Don't waste that either.

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    Get An Internship

    Start a new chapter of your life. Get an internship after school. Jobs look at that...heck half of my co-workers all interned somewhere and all have successful careers.

    It stinks because it's free work, but it's experience you'll have over other people, you'll make new friends and it'll open up so many other doors.

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    Just because you're smart in high school doesn't mean you're going to be smart in college.

    Listen -- I had like a 97 average in high school, and then I went to college, and it was like BAM, totally different. Don't waste your money or your parents' money, and actually try.

    It's a ton of studying. You're going to have to sacrifice your drinking session to probably buckle down once in a while, so get over it already. Trust me -- I learned the hard way.

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    When you get your diploma -- keep moving.

    Before you actually go to grab your diploma, don't try anything fancy on stage. I remember I had a crap ton of beach balls and threw them while I was getting my diploma. It was hilarious to the entire room except the guy that hands you the diploma: my principal.

    The guy behind me tried doing a back flip and failed miserably. So, just keep moving.

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    Soak it in.

    The best advice you can get. Stop for a second and really soak it in. The whole moment. Being in the same room with your friends one last time. Before or after you have your graduation ceremony, try and take a step back and think about your whole life leading up to that.

    Most importantly -- know that this is just the beginning.

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