When you think LOCASH, you think fun, you think party, and you think sing-a-longs.

When you think Gronk, you think the same. Well, most of you do.

Now, combine the them all.

Locash, who have given us the mega-hits, 'I Love This Life', 'I Know Somebody' and 'One Big Country Song', (which is headed for the top of the charts this week), is made up of Chris and Preston and Chris is from the Tampa Bay area.

Williamsville North grad and former New England Patriots star, Rob Gronkowski signed with the Tampa Bay Bucks this off season.

Do you see where this is going? The Tampa Bay connection has made them friends and while we caught up with Chris and Preston yesterday, we learned that there is a new Gronk project happening and LOCASH wrote a song with the Gronkowski's for it. In fact, they say there is a few Buffalo landmarks on the song. LoCash joined Clay and Company on Tuesday morning and said that the Gronkowski song is called 'Cloud of Dust' and you might just know some of the places they mention in the song:

we took some things from where they grew up and where they partied, and we were like lets tailor the song to put the Gronk finger print on it, and we did so it's got the name of the a farm where they used to party, it's got the name of the road that get you to that farm...'

It features some East Amherst landmarks like Dann Lake, which is where the music video sounds like will be shot with the Gronk brothers and LoCash. We will have the debut for you right here on Clay and Company!

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