I am very excited about this opportunity that I received about a month ago. I was asked to be on the R & D team for Google's next big thing: Google Glass!

Imagine your vision. Now imagine YouTube popping up in the middle of your sight.

Imagine just saying the words "Google nearest gas station," and in your vision suddenly a list of gas stations pops up.

Imagine taking pictures and videos through your glasses. Or Skyping with someone LIVE without a computer.

This is the next big thing.

The other day though I got some 'disappointing news'. We were reminded that when we received Google Glass, we were not to take them into 'adult entertainment establishments' -- haha!

Joining along with this test ride: Neil Patrick Harris, Souljah Boy, Newt Gingrich and Alyssa Milano. This could get funny. If you see me walking around talking to myself, don't think I'm too crazy.