If you saw that headline and said, "Wait, when did he leave?"  You're not alone.  But Ronald McDonald will soon be making a return to commercials for the fast food giant and not everyone is happy about it.

Ronald McDonald is returning to commercials for McDonald's after being "away" for some time.  He's been in commercials for almost 50 years and now he's back.

The problem with Ronald McDonald is that he is a clown.  Well, that's not the big problem.  There are some special interest groups out there that think that clowns are strictly an attempt to market directly to children.  They claim that Ronald McDonald markets unhealthy food to children and that's what's making America obese. 

I beg to differ. 

I think the problem is parents who can't say 'no' to their children.  I don't know a whole lot of 5-10 year old children who have enough money to eat at McDonald's every day.  So who is feeding it to these kids?  Bingo...their parents!  Stop blaming it on the clown!

In my opinion, Ronald McDonald is just as much a character reminiscent of MY childhood.  When McDonald's uses Ronald McDonald in their advertising, they're advertising to me as much as they are to my kids.

Personally, I don't need special interest groups speaking up for me and my kids.  Present the facts that you have about companies if you will,  but leave it at that.  I can make up my own mind about my family's life decisions from there on out.  I know who the parents are in my house and if I don't think something is appropriate for my kids, I explain to them why it's bad and I leave it at that.  At this point in life, who doesn't know that fast food isn't always healthy food? 

Besides, to be honest with you, I never even realized he was gone until this article made a big deal about him coming back.  It's not like my kids stopped asking to eat there.  If you think that making clowns disappear is going to make my kids want cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets any less, you're more lost than I am.

Ronald McDonald Returns To Commercials