Have you seen gas prices lately? They have risen considerably and that is only going to continue.

There are ways to save gas. The obvious is to cut down on unnecessary travel or trips. But there are other "hacks" to help save you money at the gas pump.

There are certain days that are cheaper to fill up than others. Although it may seem obvious, here is just another reminder as our gas prices get higher and higher this summer.

Monday appears to be the best day to save on gasoline. According to USA Today:

"Very early in the week, when gas stations are generally a little bit quieter traffic-wise, is a great time to fill up," said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. "We generally see more volatility and higher prices later in the week."

The Gas Buddy App also indicates that Fridays and Saturdays are bad days to buy gas as the prices are higher because of demand. Many weekend trips and summer activities that require gas are higher on those days. You could save as much as $20-$30 per year buy purchasing gas on Monday.





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