If you've been to a Bills game in the past 20 years, there's a chance that you have taken part in at least one of these traditions.  But you won't see it this year.

A lot has changed in the last couple months.  I know...it's an understatement.  But it's true.  Things that we used to be able to do are in many cases just not a good idea these days.

You may have heard the name Pinto Ron before.  He's a well-known Buffalo Bills fan.  He hasn't missed a home or away game (that you were allowed to attend) in years.  And he's been doing something at Buffalo Bills tailgates to show how much he cares about this team.  I mean, what other fan do you know that would take a bath in ketchup and mustard before every single game just to get people pumped up?

Pinto Ron does.

His real name is Ken Johnson and as strange as it may seem to out-of-towners, this is his tradition:


One of the other things that he does is he offers shots out of a bowling ball.


And sadly...because of the state that we are in with the pandemic, neither of them will be performed in the Hammers Lot (where they normally hold these traditions) this year.


It was a combined decision between Ken Johnson and the owner of Hammers Lot.


Here's the thing though...if they don't do this...and the Bills go on to win the Superbowl this year...can they ever start the tradition up again?  I mean...you wouldn't want to jinx it.  Right?

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