Saying goodbye is hard especially when its goodbye to a little dive bar where you met so many friends over the years.  Checkers Bar on Hertel Avenue has closed its doors for good.  It was originally known as Kerner's and changed to Checkers in the early 1970's.  Checkers was a place where every walk of life could feel comfortable, everyone was welcome.

I can't count how many interesting characters I've met over the years and how many lasting friendships I've made.  It became a place that artists visiting in from Nashville heard friends of mine talk about, which in turn made them want to stop in. Drake White, Trent Harmon, The Cadillac Three, Midland and so many others found themselves bellied up at the bar enjoying conversations with all sorts of folks at Checkers.

The bar was truly like a 'Cheers' for me because most everyone there would know my name.  Josh, Pete, Danny, Phil, Sam, Big Fran, little Fran and so many others that worked at Checkers will all be missed being seen behind the pine.

One final shout out and cheers to Checkers Bar!







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