We all choose different paths in life.  Some of us take the safe but boring road.  Others go for adventure.  This one might be one of the scariest paths.

It's interesting to see how people end up in the profession that they choose.  Just about everyone has a story.  Some people train their entire life to do what they do.  Some score a good job through a friend or a family member.  The people that impress me are the ones who choose the hard jobs because they want a challenge.  Whether that's becoming a doctor and all the trials you have to go through to attain your doctorate, being a police officer and never knowing what dangers they're going to face throughout the day, or even the people who choose to join the circus and become an acrobat, they all face dangerous jobs.

One that people don't often think about though...is a window washer.

I know...it doesn't seem scary right away but hear me out.  Have you ever watched how some of these people have to do that?  Some have lifts that they can go up on.  Others have scaffolding that they can set up.  In both of those occasions, they have something solid under their feet.

The window washers at our building don't have a luxury like that.  They literally strap themselves into a harness that then latches to the window.

(Madi Lisker)
(Madi Lisker)

Every single time I watch them, my palms begin to sweat. The thought that one single wrong move could mean disaster is horrifying.  These guys are 12 floors up and they just step out on that ledge and hook in.  You should've seen this guy hop out there!

What do you think?  Is it the scariest job in Western New York?

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