There is good news for students in New York State as we get through spring break. The good weather is starting to creep in to the area and that means summer is not far away! Many students, and teachers, are starting the countdown until the last day of school for the year!

This is the time of the year that students can be easily distracted. The sunshine and the fun are just outside the window and it can be hard for kids to pay attention when they can't stop thinking about all the summer will bring.

Before that can happen and the last day of school gets here, there is an annual vote that takes place. Here in New York State, the school budget vote typically comes around in May and districts from Albany to Western New York will see taxpayers make the call to accept the budget or not.

Under New York law the school budget vote and election occurs on the third Tuesday in May, unless a district files a request with the commissioner of education to move the date to the second Tuesday in May based upon a conflict with a religious observance.

While many districts plan on how to spend the money and show examples of why the budget has increased or, in few cases, has decreased. This year, you may notice that there is a large amount of money needed for electric buses or for studies to see if electric buses make sense?

These buses are not cheap and many wonder if they are worth the expense? CNBC recently reported the cost can vary but is pretty shocking.

ESBs are expensive: Battery-electric versions of small “Type A” school buses cost roughly $250,000, versus $50,000 to $65,000 for diesel; full-size “Type C” or “Type D” buses can range from $320,000 to $440,000 in electric form, versus about $100,000 for diesel

Regardless of your take on them and the cost of them, New York State is moving forward with the plan to get electric buses to all schools soon.

Don't forget to vote and it would be helpful to study the budget that is being proposed in your district beforehand to see what is being planned with your tax dollars.

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