More people than ever are having trouble sleeping. Due to pandemic stress, or change in routines, we are looking for better ways to get a better night's rest.

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And new research says what you wear can make a big difference.

Or, rather, what you don't wear.

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam learned that even a slight increase in skin surface temperature can disrupt sleep.

“You do sleep better if you’re cooler,” says Dr. Daniel Root, a sleep specialist and medical director at Oregon Sleep Associates.

One easy way to slightly decrease the surface temperature of your skin at night is to remove a layer -- specifically your pajamas.

A recent poll shows more than half of us are sleeping naked.

And there might be a weight loss benefit associated with sleeping in the nude, because it lowers your core temperature.

"In a small study of overweight men, lower bedtime temperatures were associated with higher levels of brown fat, a healthy fat that burns calories and increases metabolism to raise your body temperature."

Sleeping naked for better health? Well, science says your birthday suit is actually your best pair of pajamas!

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