After the Buffalo Bills suffered their season-ending loss following a field goal attempt that unfortunately went wide right, many Bills fans have compared it to the feeling that we had back in the ‘90s when Scott Norwood, the Bills kicker at the time, missed a field goal in a similar way. 

Our current kicker for the Buffalo Bills, Tyler Bass, attempted to tie the game against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional round with less than 2 minutes of regulation remaining. It was a lot of pressure and windy, as many people noticed during the first quarter. As a result, Bass missed the kick, and fans were angry. 

Eventually, Bass had to deactivate his social media accounts due to the death threats and hate comments he was receiving (and by the way, if you sent him one – shame on you).

Many people remembered the original “wide right” that happened 33 years ago, but the world may have been more empathetic then. 

You have to remember, there was no social media back then. 

In Super Bowl XXV, the Buffalo Bills were taking on the New York Giants on January 27, 1991. The Bills were predicted to be the favorite by 7 points, yet it was a closer game than to be expected. It came down to the wire, and the Bills had an opportunity to win the game….if the Bills kicker Scott Norwood secured the field goal. 

Unfortunately, that is when we first heard the infamous term “wide right,” and the field goal was missed. Although the kick seems to be the only thing associated with Scott Norwood’s career, it doesn’t change the fact that he was a good kicker, making about 73% of field-goal attempts, and making over 8-% of his attempts inside 40 yards.  

It doesn’t change the fact that Norwood missed the kick. 

But back in 1991, the world was a lot different, and one Buffalo woman reflected on what that day was like when Norwood missed the kick. 

Janine Talley was at the game sitting in front of none other than Scott Norwood’s wife, Kimberly. Talley reflected on her experience that day 33 years ago when the Bills lost to the Giants in Super Bowl XXV. 

Norwood’s wife was sitting behind me during the kick. We weren’t especially friends (no reason other than we didn’t run in the same circle), and I reached my hand behind myself and held hers. I felt the pain she felt when he missed. I know that feeling forever.”

Back then, the Bills Mafia gave a standing ovation to Norwood when he returned to Buffalo. They loved him for the way he was human, and they loved Norwood because that is the way of the Bills Mafia. We love our team even when it hurts. 

So can’t we do the same for Tyler Bass?

After Bass deactivated his accounts, many of the true members of the Bills Mafia donated to the Ten Lives Club, an animal shelter that Bass has worked with in the past. In 48 hours, they have raised over $150,000.

That’s what Buffalo needs right now.

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