Scotty McCreery joined Clay and Company this week to talk about his new album called Same Truck. Scotty has always been a huge fan of the New England Patriots, and a fan of Tom Brady, but could we convert him to become a fan of the Buffalo Bills?

There are 12 songs on the album for the former American Idol star! Like most stars, Scotty was busy in 2020 writing songs. As a matter of fact he told us that he had to scrap an album that he had planned after he wrote so many songs during the pandemic he decided to put on his new album. He has a few duets that he has put on hold and will be featured on future projects. At one point, Scotty was all set to record a duet with Garth Brooks until he got the call that it wasn't going to happen.

I had one with Garth that he was onboard, and he was gonna do it, and something came up in his world and was like, "I'm so sorry, I love this song, but it's just not gonna work."

The New England Patriots lost to the New Orleans Saints this past weekend and the Buffalo Bills had an impressive win at home against the Washington Football Team. Josh Allen had an incredible day at Highmark Stadium while Mac Jones had a dismal performance in New England. So we just had to bring up the Buffalo Bills with Scotty McCreery when we spoke to him on the show this week.

Scotty had some nice things to say about the fans of Buffalo and Josh Allen! Would he be willing to jump through a table for his favorite team? He stopped short of saying yes to that one.

Scotty was a great sport and always a pleasure to speak to on the show. His new album has so many great tracks on it but I am partial to the one called “Damn Strait”. This is Scotty’s 5th album and it includes the new number one single called "You Time".


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