It’s a hidden gem, and you have probably been driven by it several times; however, it’s something that is easy to overlook at a glance. 

After all, when you are driving by a neighborhood and all of the buildings on the street look like houses, you wouldn’t expect to find one of the most unique, delicious restaurants in the area – but it’s there! 

After a day trip to Akron Falls, my boyfriend and I looked up “restaurants near me akron” and we found one that stuck out to us. 

The restaurant, Bistro 93, was only about seven minutes away from Akron Falls, so we decided to give something new a try. 

And let me tell you…it was one of the best surprises we have stumbled upon. 

At first, when our GPS told us “Arrived,” we were a little confused, as we appeared to be surrounded by a residential area. 

But then, one building on the street had a bright “OPEN” sign in the window that caught our attention, and even though it looked like a house from the outside, we decided to go in anyway. 

Best. Choice. Ever. 

Bistro 93 is a restaurant that immediately feels like home when you walk in, and they have such a vast, extensive menu that will allow your tastebuds to travel the world from the comfort of one room. 

They also had a wide array of seasonal options on the summer menu, too! 

Located at 15 Cedar St. in Akron, this hidden gem has dine-in, outdoor seating, and curbside pickup, according to their Facebook page

I mean, would you have been able to tell that inside this building is an incredible restaurant and bar?

Recently, Bistro 93 made it to the top 5 for "Best Craft Cocktail Bar,” so it’s nice to see they are receiving recognition. 

If you have never been to Bistro 93, you have to give it a try next time you’re in Akron. 

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