While certain items from the '90s might be best relegated to the backs of our closets, one thing from the moody decade that still holds up even better than a flannel shirt or pair of Doc Martens is Shania Twain and her 1995 release The Woman in Me. The singer reminded fans of just how great her influence was with a stunning flashback photo from the era, which she posted to social media on Sunday (Sept. 20).

The photo sums up the '90s perfectly with a waif-like Twain wandering about a woodland terrain, dressed in a simple, perfectly grunge era-style velvet slip gown.

While fans were quick to enthuse about Twain's undeniable physical beauty in the shot, the singer herself clarified that the photo goes much deeper than just a pretty image — it represents a period of time in which she found clarity in her personal voice.

"The Woman In Me was very liberating for me," she wrote in a caption to the photo. "It gave me the opportunity to self express, to pour my attitude and my character into the songwriting. I use music as a self expression platform, I was talking to myself. Telling myself to be confident in my opinions and my point of view."

Twain is in full throes of celebrating The Woman in Me, which sold 20 million copies worldwide and was certified Diamond by the RIAA for sales of more than 10 million — needless to say, more than holding its own in a  year that gave critical favor to a plethora of edgier/darker landmark releases by such artists as No Doubt, Garbage, Oasis, Alanis Morissette and Radiohead. Twain is releasing a remastered Diamond Edition of the album on Oct. 2 which will feature previously unreleased tracks and live recordings to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the set.

Remarkably, The Woman in Me was not even Twain's highest moment. In 1997, she released Come on Over, which holds the record of being the best-selling country music album ever released and the best-selling studio album ever released by a female artist in any genre.

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