Unless you are Santa Claus, chances are that you will need someone else to ship and deliver your Christmas presents this year.

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So if you ship your gifts today will they make it in time for Christmas? Yes, but it will cost you a pretty penny to ship them.

As of right now, you will need 2 days or less shipping. If you use FedEx, you can still ship out today. They also offer next-day and same-day service if you really wait until the last second.

The United States Postal Service also offers Priority Mail Express and you will need to ship your presents by December 23rd.

Amazon also offers 2day or less shipping and you can save money if you are a Prime member. They also offer instant E-Gift Cards that you can send on Saturday and the person who is getting it will get it on Christmas.

UPS offers Next day air and you will have to have your presents to them by December 23rd in order to make sure that they arrive in time for Christmas Day.

Of course, all these dates are flexible since weather can play a big factor in travel and shipping.

If you waited until the last second, I say go embrace it and tell everyone that you plan on getting some amazing things that you couldn't afford before the holidays but they will be on sale afterward. That way you can look like a big baller and get them those high price items and still save yourself some cash.

Also, cash is always a great gift to give!

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