It has been a long time since the Bills were a featured game on any network.  But this week, it's a little shocking how many markets will carry it.

In the past, it's felt like the only time the Bills got a prime-time game or were featured as a big game to watch was when they were playing someone like the Patriots or the Cowboys.  They had to play a huge team to ever get a lot of national exposure.  If you've ever watched professional wrestling, you may remember when a big-name wrestler would come out and beat up on some no-name guy for a couple of minutes just so you could get to see the big-name wrestler.  No one was there to see the no-name guy.  For years, it was like the Bills were the no-name guy.

Already this year, that isn't the case for The Bills.

When the Bills take the field on Sunday, a huge percentage of the country will be able to watch their game.  According to, Almost everyone outside of New York City (because of the Jets) in the Northern half of the country will have the option to watch the Bills vs. Steelers.

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