These days, there seems to be no such thing as a discount. Here in New York State, we are paying more and more for everything and there is no relief coming from the leaders of the state. However, it appears that some companies are stepping up to help customers.

The prices are outrageous on just about everything these days. I bought a package of pepperoni that cost $10! It is getting to the point where we only get the essentials; bread, milk and eggs. But even they are getting expensive.

But big retailers, many of which that have had big profits, are cutting costs and finding ways to lower the price of the things that they sell. For example, Walgreens has announced some massive price changes.

According to a post from, "Walgreens saidit was continuing to lower prices as part of its “Summer of Savings” promotional campaign, this time on more than 1,300 products".

This is some great news! For those of us with infants, we can hope that some of these price changes include the price of diapers and formula! It is crazy how expensive these items are. In fact, Walgreens was called out by New York State regarding the prices of baby supplies.

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