For many parents, when their kids get to the age when they can start to drive, the panic starts to set in. How can your baby be driving already? There may be some good news for moms and dads who are nervous here in New York State.

The colder weather means that soon we will have snow here in New York State. Are you ready for it? The first snow of the season spells trouble on the roads. It seems we need a refresher on how to drive when it snows!

If you grew up in New York State, you got taught how to navigate in the snow and slop. The black ice is also very tricky for all drivers, let alone young or first time drivers.

But recent reports are very good about the quality of drivers in New York State.

Some new data shows New York State ranks number one in the country when it comes to teenage driver safety. The study conducted by WalletHub took a look at factors such as safety, driving laws, and economic environment when coming up with its report.

News 12 in New Jersey reports that:

The study says New York had the fewest fatal crashes involving teens when you take into account how many 13- to 19-year-olds live in it.
Overall, New York ranked second on the list of best states for teen drivers. Factors include driving laws and repair costs.

Besides safety, the other concern drivers have in New York State is the price of fuel! With the current war in Israel, there are some concerns that the price of oil is about to skyrocket!

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