The Bills Mafia are the best fanbase in the NFL, and several celebrities have made appearances at the Bills games. 

Of course, Hailee Steinfeld has been at a majority of the games this season in support of her boyfriend Josh Allen, but over the years, we have also seen Ryan Fitzpatrick, Wolf Blitzer, Justin Timberlake, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, and more at both home and away games. 

However, at the latest game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants, another celebrity was spotted and he appeared to be rather drunk. 

The “Happy Gilmore” star, Christopher McDonald, known for his role at “Shooter McGavin” was recognized as he was stumbling his way through the concourse at Highmark Stadium, the home of the Buffalo Bills. 

The footage of “Shooter McGavin” was taken close to halftime, and it looked like he nearly fell down some stairs before two men jumped in to save him. 

The guys helped McDonald return to his seat, although he was pretty shaky. People clearly recognized him on his way back to his seat, because you can hear people yelling “Shooter!” as they walked past him. 

McDonald is a diehard Bills fan, and thankfully his friends helped him hydrate after the near-face plant. 

The Buffalo Bills are back in action for an away game on Sunday, October 22 against the New England Patriots. Kickoff is at 1:00 PM, and you can stream the game on Paramount+.

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