The champions of Super Bowl LV sure had a great time celebrating the win this past week in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers held a victory parade on the water as they passed by thousands of fans watching and waiving from the shore. But most people are still talking about quarterback, Tom Brady's, big afternoon.

The polarizing QB seemed to have a great time and maybe a couple extra cocktails during the celebration. At one point, Brady tossed the Lombardi Trophy to another boat! But should he apologize for that? At least one person says yes.

According to reports Lorraine Grohs, daughter of master silversmith Greg Grohs, says Brady "disgraced and disrespected" the trophy when he tossed it to a teammate over the Hillsborough River last week. She says Brady insulted her family's legacy and she would like an apology not only to her, but to all football fans.

She is now taking some heat from those who think what Brady did was harmless. It all depends on who you ask. Yes, they were celebrating the big win and having a good time. But there are those who feel the trophy and what it stands for should have more respect.

I was always impressed with the way many hockey players treat the Stanley Cup. Many players won't even touch or handle the trophy if they didn't win it out of superstition and respect for the trophy.
It would be nice to feel what it is like to have either one in Buffalo at some point!

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