The spring is almost here and with it will be the mud! The winter we have had this season has left us with a lack of snow here in New York State. Those who snowmobile can only hope for one last ride or pray that next year gets better and brings more snow for the trails.

But what about those trails? What condition will the ATV and off-road trails be in this year? What if there was a fund to pay for them to stay maintained?

At least one New York State lawmaker wishes there were more registrations for side-by-sides as well as ATV in New York.

But what about that ATV or side-by-side you own

Current registration law in New York State pertaining to ATV's calls for:

An ATV must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if it is operated anywhere in New York State, including on the owner's property.



If you have to travel to ride, you probably have to haul that machine to and from the place you ride. How great would it be if you had a place that was designed specifically to wash these fun machines?

Here in the Western New York area, it seems that car washes are everywhere and they are popping up all the time! Most of these places won't allow you to wash off-road vehicles off. The large chunks of mud and debris left behind is not something your local car wash wants to deal with. But if there was a specific wash for ATV's there would be no worry.

True, the fun IS the mud when you ride. But there are times when you want to get the majority of it off or get the salt off your sled or ATV if you have had to trailer it on the winter roads of New York State. A wash station big enough to handle your trailer and toys with the right equipment to help you get it clean would save time and effort at home.

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