Can we blame the groundhog or just the fact that it is winter in Western New York and the lakes around us still have plenty of open water? Regardless of where you want to pin the blame, there is a good amount of cold weather left and that will fire up the lake effect snow over portions of Western New York.

It looks like the weekend will be blustery and the chance for significant lake effect snow will be best on Saturday as the winds pass over Lake Erie.

The weather will be tricky as it looks like rain will be here Friday! The NWS forecast is calling for rain and snow showers before 7am, then rain showers between 7am and 11am, then snow showers after 11am south of Buffalo.

Have you ever tried to measure snow officially? The National Weather Service in Buffalo has a neat guide for those who are curious about the amount of snow piling up in their backyard. There is already a bunch of snow on the ground in the Southern Tier portions and it looks favorable for plenty more on top of that for Super Bowl weekend.

The snowmobile trails are open in many locations south of Buffalo and could use some extra snow. Hats of to the clubs for the work they have done keeping the trails groomed as best they can. Mother Nature is about to help smooth out the bumps and water holes!

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