There never seems to be a dull moment in Buffalo and for some reason, the commute these days has been especially stressful and offered some unique challenges. Just this past week, officials and crews were working on an issue with a road partially collapsing!

Is this the beginning of something dangerous? The winter has been rough on just about every road, in every town and city across Western New York. But Old Man Winter has put a hurting on the streets of Buffalo in a big way this season.

If you drive in Buffalo, or follow a friend on social media who does, you have seen potholes and rough roads popping up all over town! Some of the worst areas have already seen some attention from the street crews and transportation officials.

I found this hole on Washington Street in Buffalo that appears to lead in to some sort of water infrastructure or line. Is this the beginning of a large hole or just a cosmetic issue with the covering?

Hole Forming On Washington Street

I did reach out to City of Buffalo officials and was told that they were going to look in to the issue.

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