Our favorite part of 7-Eleven is getting a Slurpee, especially in the summer. However, the convenience store is changing up our favorite drink of the season. 

The Slurpee is getting a major makeover, but don’t worry: it should still taste the same. 

If you walk into a 7-Eleven to quench your thirst with the iconic Slurpee, you may feel like you’re looking in the wrong places…but you’re right where you need to be! Before, you might have searched for those familiar pinwheel-design cups, but now they’re being swapped out for cups with “eccentric colors and eclectic vibes.”

The Slurpee is getting a makeover! It will feature a new logo and a large “S” that resembles the unique Slurpee swirl that tops off the beverage. 

This is the first redesign in four years for Slurpee, and you can bet that people will be getting more of these frozen drinks this summer. 

How Did The Slurpee Get Created?

The drink actually got started at a Dairy Queen in the 1950s after the owner, Omar Knedlik, discovered that the pop bottles in his freezer were a customer favorite, especially when it had some frozen slush in it.  

That’s why Knedlik decided to create a machine made out of a car air conditioning unit to make these near-frozen carbonated drinks that customers voted to be called ICEE.

It wasn’t until 1965 when 7-Eleven licensed the ICEE machine and rebranded the drink as the Slurpee. 

Are Slurpees Really Popular?

Yes! A spokesperson for 7-Eleven said they have sold “more than 70 million drinks” in recent years.  And you may remember, Slurpees were such a craze that the 1960s jingle called “Dance the Slurp” was released on vinyl and handed out for free at 7-Eleven locations.

You can listen to that jingle below. 

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