You may remember seeing a snow mound this tall after the first Snowvember storm in 2014, and after the “Blizzard of the Century,” another giant snow bank has returned. 

This snowbank is unlike any other one you have ever seen. Most snow banks may be 10 ft tall at the most, but this one is well over that. 

Now that the driving ban in the City of Buffalo has been lifted, you may spot this massive snow pile as you pass through the city this week. 

Or this month. Or even next year! Because it doesn’t look like this pile will be melting anytime soon. 

This emergency snow dump is piled up right in front of the Buffalo Central Terminal lot. 

It’s about half the height of the building! 

It makes you wonder how a massive pile of snow like that can get arranged in such a way to be that tall to begin with, but there are some indications as to how it happened. 

If you look closely, you can see tank tread marks and a flat ramp, which means a bulldozer probably managed to pile the snow up like how it is pictured. 

Last time we saw a massive snow pile like this in front of the Central Terminal, it happened after the Snowvember storm of 2014, and that snow pile lasted until August the following year. 

How long do you think this pile of snow will last?

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