There is a lot to do when storms roll in.  But there's one thing, in particular that you need to remember to do for your safety and others.

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It's not abnormal for us to get a snow storm in New York where we get inches of snow per hour at a time.  When it's coming in that fast, it can be hard to keep up with it.  But there's one thing that you definitely need to put up high on your list of priorities.

You have to keep the fire hydrants near your house clear.   There are a couple reasons why it's so important.


First, the fire company needs to be able to find them in a hurry.  While you see them every day in front of your house, it might take them a little longer if they have to poke around in the snow before they can locate it.  Then it will take them a little more time to clear them out.  They'll need to shovel around them to get them to function correctly too.  Those are precious seconds when your house is on fire.

Second, it's actually part of the law.  According to New York State law, it is the responsibility of both the owner and the occupant of a residence to keep a fire hydrant cleared of snow.  You need to clear out two feet around the outside of the fire hydrant within 24 hours of the end of the weather event that caused the snow or ice.

Failure to remove the snow could result in fines as much as $150 for the first offense and as high as $350 for additional offenses.

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