President Obama and Governor Romney squared off again in the second presidential debate of 2012.  As most of you were watching the debate on television, I was listening to it and following social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.  You really kind of get some immediate reactions to how people feel that way.  Here are some of the best comments I found:

In order to protect privacy, I've left the screen names off of the comments.  However, these are real comments made by people.  I tried to leave out the ones that were for or against either candidate and only use the impartial ones.

  • Um are we really debating women in the workforce? What year is this election? Come on!
  • I feel bad for the mediator of the debate it is like she is dealing with a couple of 3 year olds!
  • Presidential debate! Bring out the lies! I am sad to see what this country has become
  • One thing that goes for politicians whether democrat or republican- they never seem to answer the question asked of them. They always seem to dance around it
  • Please God, pleeease...let someone ask "Sausage or Pepperoni?" at this debate...
  • Attempted to watch the presidential debate..... Changed the channel after the second question.
  • i hope we can all still be friends tomorrow. #debatesmakemeanxious
  • Two minutes means TWO MINUTES...
  • Not even watching the debate and I know exactly what they are saying... lol the moderator's name is Candy.

Certainly a different feel to this debate.  While the candidates were still going way over their allotted time and they were talking over each other quite a bit, they were a little bit more aggressive towards each other.

However, the feeling on social media was about the same.  Most people seem to feel like the candidates were out of control and that each of them took their turn at being disrespectful.

The third Presidential Debate will take place on Monday October 22, 2012 at Lynn University at Boca Raton, FL and will focus on foreign policy.