Leave it to a soldier to bring a tear to your eye. It was just another normal town 5k run in Michigan. Lance Cpl. Myles Kerr, a 19 year old Marine, decide to run the race in his gear, including his ruck sack!  When the group he was running with crossed the finish line they realized Kerr wasn't with them. They immediately doubled back in fear that he may have over exerted himself. Instead, they found him running with a small boy.

The boy had become separated with group he was running with and asked the Lance Cpl., "Sir, would you run with me?. Of course, in true Marine fashion he not only ran with the boy the rest of they way but encouraged him when he wanted to give up! They crossed the finish line together and were both reunited with their groups! WHAT, a guy! It stories like these that restore my faith in the human race.

Kerr later tweeted, "The parents of the little boy I ran with gave me $100 gift card to Grey Gables Restaurant #godbless."

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