If you're looking for something to do this summer that will get you outside and include music, technology, and nature the Sonic Trails App might be just what you're looking for.

It feels like last year at this time, we were all looking for activities like this that included getting outside in the fresh air and still staying socially distant from others.  It kind of brought us back to nature a little.  People were out on their bikes or jogging trails.

Now, they can explore ArtPark in Lewiston in a whole new way with the help of an app.  It's called "ArtPark: Sonic Trails" and you can download it for free through your android or iOS app store.

The app uses GPS to alter music or sounds depending on where you are in the park.

It's not just music either.  There are also story tellers who will walk you through an experience and tell stories depending on where you are about history, culture, and other things.

As of right now they have 5 different experiences that you will be able to choose:

Cover The Water

Her Mocassins Talk

Juneteenth: From the Past to the Living Present
Launches June 19

Paul Miller, AKA DJ Spooky
Launches July 3

Global Futures
Launches July 3

It's kind of cool that these experiences can be enjoyed at your own speed.  If you want to buzz through it, you can.  But if you want to slow down and smell the flowers as you go, you can do that too!

Click here to learn more about the "ArtPark:  Sonic Trails" app.

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