We are looking at some major soup weather this weekend.  If you're thinking about making some, you could get all different kinds and help charity at the same time.

Although the extended forecast looks like we might see a warmup coming to Western New York soon, this weekend still looks like winter weather.  We're looking at a chance of snow showers on Saturday with a high of 22.

Soup will be perfect this weekend and there's an opportunity for you to get a bunch of it, and also help out charity in Williamsville.

What is a soup stroll?

Are you a soup lover?  Do you like to try all kinds of different soups?  Then a soup stroll is for you.

Essentially what you do is you park your car somewhere on Main Street in Williamsville and you "stroll" up the street.  Along the way, there will be restaurants and businesses that will have sample-size (3 oz) cups of soup available for $1 each.  You pay your dollar, they pour out a cup of soup, and you take the soup and continue your walk.  Normally the serving is just about big enough to help you make it from one establishment to the next where you will get to buy a new cup of soup.

How does it help charity?

The event is sponsored by the Williamsville Business Association and the proceeds benefit Feed More WNY.  So, the more soup that gets purchased, the more goes back to our food bank here in Western New York.

What kind of soup will they be serving?

The best part about it is that there will be multiple businesses serving all kinds of soups.  So you will get to try some new stuff that you've never had before and of course there will be the ones that you know and love.


It's one of my family's favorite events in Western New York

My family loves doing this.  We've done it for the last couple of years now.  It always goes perfectly with the weather.  It's nice to be able to get out and get a walk while taking in all the incredible soups they have to offer.


Be prepared. At some of the locations, you might end up standing in line for a bit.  Also, I would encourage you to go closer to the beginning of the event than later in the day to the end of it because they can run out of soup sometimes.

Bring singles.  Every booth takes cash and it makes it a lot easier for them to just take a dollar than to make change.

Dress for the weather.  Remember, you'll be walking outside for most of the day, and you'll also have to go inside to get your soup in many instances.

Come hungry.  I know a 3-ounce cup doesn't seem like a lot but if you decided to try every single soup from every vendor, you're looking at eating over 60 ounces of soup.  That's a lot of soup!

But don't miss it!  It's happening this Saturday from 12-3 on Main Street in the Village of Williamsville.  For more info, click here.

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