Halloween is here! Actually, it is not officially here for a few more weeks. But don't tell that to the kids or the retailers who are in full spooky season mode.

The hot weather is still here and even though some of the leaves are starting to drop, it feels like mid summer instead of the first week of October. But in just a few days, the weather will change and you will be thinking about the ghosts coming to the front door to get that candy!

Here in New York State, what is the most popular candy that we want the most this Halloween? According to at least one study it is Sour Patch Kids! But will they be available?


Perhaps you have heard about or read about the other states that are trying to end the use of red dye. It would affect certain candies like Skittles or Sour Patch Kids.

According to dailymail.co.uk, in California, they may be closer to the end for red dye candies.

If the bill becomes law, it will block five chemicals from being used in foods sold or manufactured in the state. Each of these chemicals is already banned in the EU. Among the affected chemicals in Red 3, a food dye used in some candies. Previous research linked exposure to it to cancer in mice.



We have noticed how our kids react after eating red dye. One of our sons was having horrible headaches and a slight fever every now and then. Mom and I finally realized it was happening after he was eating red dye in various drinks and candies.

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