You might have the best lunch if you pack this new food item that everyone wants to try. 

When one of the most popular pasta brands in the country announces a new food item, everyone wants to know what it is.

And while there are many people excited about this one, perhaps the people who are most eager to try this live in Buffalo, New York. 

SpaghettiOs is turning up the heat in their first-ever flavor collab in a can full of twist: the spicy original.

What makes it spicy, you may ask?

SpaghettiOs has teamed up with Buffalo favorite Frank’s Red Hot to create the spicy original SpaghettiOs, and it is changing up the game for lunches around Western New York. 

Before you have your first fork-ful, you should know that the spicy original SpaghettiOs “features classic o-shaped pasta to add some fun to lunchtime and puts a spin on traditional tomato sauce with a tomato and cheese combo,” according to the official SpaghettiOs website

The hope is that this flavor line of SpaghettiOs can appeal to millennials specifically, as a recent survey (of adults aged 18-35 that have eaten SpaghettiOs in the last year) revealed almost half of them eat the canned delicacy at least once a week. 

Kids in Buffalo have definitely noticed the new flavor on the shelf, and it might be worth trying next time you are considering lunch options! 

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