With the release of the new and final season of Game of Thrones yesterday and the upcoming Avengers movie, here are some rules to avoid spoiling the shows.

1. Wait at least one week before openly discussing crucial plot points in person or on social media.

If someone is busy, sure they might be able to catch Game of Thrones on Sunday night or see the latest movie opening weekend, but if they are a true SUPERFAN, they should be able to watch within 7 days.

2. If the ending has a major plot twist, keep this information to yourself. Let others enjoy it in real-time.

Even a simple post like "Wow...did not see that coming at the end" will create a heads up for the person that hasn't see it. Imagine if you knew there would be a plot twist at the end of "The Sixth Sense"...chances are you would spend the whole movie trying to figure it out and not just enjoying the movie.

3. If you do HAVE to post something...please use SPOILER ALERT before you post anything.

Yes...use ALL CAPS so people know to quickly skip over the post!

4. If you do have to talk with someone about it, find a place where you know other people won't be around.

That means don't openly discuss it at your desk or if you share an office with multiple people. Find an office or go outside where it is just the people who have seen the tv or movie and then openly discuss it.

5. Finally..if you can't see the movie or TV show in a timely manner (like a week) don't get mad if you hear a spoiler.

It takes two to tangle, so if you really don't want to know something let people know this and then make sure to see it sooner then later!

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